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Turning Ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY


ETHNIC Brazil products are made with natural and recycled materials.

Our jewelry collection uses different types of straws, fibers, wood, and seeds. The unique designs follow shapes, colors and different textures encountered in the Brazilian ecosystem.

The idea is to transform natural resources into urban and modern pieces, following the main fashion trends, without failing to highlight the grandeur of Brazilian nature.

We work with the river and native community partners withdrawing resources judiciously, generating jobs and income for regions that mainly do handcrafted work. The extraction of raw materials follows standards that ensure no harm is done to the environment in the process.

We apply the pillars of sustainability: to be ecologically sound, economically viable and socially fair.

Ethnic Brazil is much more than just selling things. Every piece of the Collection has a unique history behind it, a history of a life of many strong women artisans in Brazil.

With your purchase, you are helping the sustainability of several communities in the North and Central South of Brazil!

Variations in size, color, shape, and texture of the materials used are characteristic of these handcrafted products. Some materials are available all year round, but others are seasonal, dependent on weather conditions and other factors that influence their availability.

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