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ETHNIC Brazil by Daniela VITAL Smith

I moved to the USA, Denver, CO in 2015. At first, what brought me to Denver was my career, I was invited to participate in a three-month project in the area of product development for a large American company with headquarter in Golden, CO. I was the Marketing and Products Manager for this company in Brazil. But life has its own paths and during the project, I fell in love. We got married and I moved to Colorado!

From the beginning, I was in love with Denver, a vibrant, modern, and very nature-bound city. In the first six months here, while waiting for my Green Card, I became part of a number of networking groups, met wonderful people and lots of entrepreneurs women. This was the click, I left the corporate world and immersed myself in the most incredible journey of my life, to create my own business in another country bringing to the USA the beauty and creativity of Brazil.

Passion became my business. I created Ethnic Brazil to offer a unique and fashionable experience to American women, bringing to the market exclusive and one of a kind product designed and handmade in Brazil.

Every piece of the collection has a meaning. We support women and very low-income communities in Brazil showing here in the US their art and histories.

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